1) Does UkrainePrincess read my personal letters to women?

Not at all, you can be assured your privacy is safe with us.
We do not read the letters or any livechat that you are involved in with any woman

2) Isn't it odd that some women here are looking for a man much older than themselves?

Well, the culture is quite different compared to the one in the US and Western Europe. Girls are in general
more traditional and appreciate a more conservative setting in a relationship, where a man can be a leader.
Also, due to the poor standard some women may be looking for some financial support from their future husband as well.
But remember that every person is unique, and there is someone for everyone, if you just look carefully enough.

3) How do I know those women aren't scammers?

Most of the women on our website are represented by local dating agencies, where they contact our representatives in person.
Be aware of if the woman is asking you to send her money even before a first meeting, talking too fast about personal difficulties and
expecting you to help immediately, and so on. It is always best to communicate for some time, to get a better understanding of a person,
and eventually - go see her. If you want to report something to use, you are welcome to do so also.

4) I've sent several emails to your ladies and haven't received any responses.

While it is impossible to discuss certain cases involvinvg a specific lady or conversation, you should get an email notification for each new letter
or answer you get. It will also help your chances a lot if you complete your profile, add a few photos of yourself, and provide detailed information
about you and your values, interests and hobbies. If you still feel something is wrong please contact us and we will look into it.

5) Is My Lady Chatting with Other Guys?

This is of course very difficult to say, and it is not in our business to interfere with someone's personal conversations, neither wan we disclose it to someone else.
If you feel you have found a special lady, try to talk with her more, find out about her wishes and desires, what her image of you is, and then take it from there.
Girls may get many letters sometimes, especially young and attractive ladies, but do not mistrust, as there are plenty of women to communicate with as well,
so the chance to find someone finding you special is fairly good.

6) Why was my profile rejected?

If your profile was rejected, it must have violated some of our rules or seemed suspicious to our moderators.
There are several things you can do to ensure your profile is not rejected next time:

- Post a picture. It must be a picture of yourself, with your face clearly visible. No nudity or private contact information on photos is allowed.

- Write a longer description. A profile with no description (or a meaningless or obscene one) will be rejected.

- Enter your private contact information (such as email, phone number) only in the fields specifically provided for it.

- Choose the country in which you are located at the time. If you normally live somewhere else, you can indicate that in your description.

- Provide your phone number.